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  Legal Mediation Services & Insurance Claim Settlement Specialist 

  Telephone: 423-773-4428
Dustin L. Baker 
Chief Mediation Officer 

Civil Case Mediator

Insurance Claim Settlement Specialist


 - Lincoln Memorial University /     
   Duncan School of Law
   M.Ed. Conflict Management &    
   Dispute Resolution (4.0 GPA) 

- East Tennessee State University
  B.S. Clinical Psychology

Certifications & Designations:

- Supreme Court Rule 31 Civil               Mediator

- Supreme Court Rule 31 Family           Mediator  

- Casualty Claim Specialist 
  Crawford University 

- Property Claim Damage Expert
  Crawford University 

Mediator Profile:

  Mr. Baker has spent the majority of his professional career resolving conflict and settling disputes.   His tenure within the insurance industry has allowed him the opportunity to hold positions as a   
  claims adjuster, claim investigative specialist, and in claims management.

  Mr. Baker has conducted detailed crime and fraud investigations as part of his appointment to   
  special investigations unit and joint task force operations. His work as a property damage 
  specialist focused on the handling of large residential and commercial losses, which included 
  deployments as a settlement coordinator during hurricane and catastrophic events. As a liability 
  claim specialist, he has successfully investigated and settled hundreds of claims involving 
  personal injury from automobile and tractor-trailer accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, product 
  malfunction, food poisoning, and negligence, all ranging from minor injuries to fatalities. 

  Mr. Baker’s training and experience have allowed him to develop a very particular set of skills, 
  skills that have made him a specialist in the practice of conflict management and dispute 
  resolution. Outside of his continued service within the insurance industry as a specialized 
  mediator and Claim Settlement Specialist, he is also an experienced construction, breach of 
  contract, landlord-tenant disagreement, debt repayment, workplace dispute, divorce, and family 
  law mediator.

A Personal Message From our Chief Mediation Officer

  Dear Friends & Perspective Clients:

  I would like to take this opportunity and welcome you to the official website of The Claim Firm,   
  LLC.  Thank you for looking into the services that our firm can offer you.  I personally believe in 
  the process of mediation. I have spent the majority of my professional career settling disputes 
  among conflicted parties, drafting settlement agreements, and working with individuals, 
  attorneys, insurance companies, businesses, and organizations to achieve successful resolutions 
  on insurance claim and legal matters. What I have learned over the past 10 years is that we as 
  people want to be heard, treated fairly, and to feel validated. The Claim Firm allows you that 
  platform through our mediation process, along with the ability to comfortably present your case.  
  The Claim Firm can offer you a fair and neutral settlement negotiation process that is a 
  confidential alternative to court. This can save time and money on your case, all while the process 
  of settlement is being conducted in a relaxed and controlled environment, where you can help to 
  decide the outcome.  In closing, I ask that you feel free at anytime to reach out to us for a free 


  Dustin L. Baker

  The Claim Firm is a specialized mediation practice offering services to individuals, attorneys, law firms,   
  insurance companies, businesses, organizations, counties, and to the honorable courts of Tennessee.  

  The Claim Firm conducts mediation services from our main office and conference center located in   
  Bristol, Tennessee.  We are also pleased to travel and conduct mediation services while utilizing your place 
  of business, law office, courtroom, or third-party conference room.  Online mediation services are available   through our secure, internet based conferencing software.