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  Legal Mediation Services & Insurance Claim Settlement Specialist 

  Telephone: 423-773-4428

  Insurance Claim Mediation Services:

  - Property Damage (Residential, Commercial, & Personal Property)
  - Personal Injury from Automobile & Tractor Trailer Accidents 
  - Slip and Falls 
  - Product Malfunction 
  - Dog Bites 
  - Food Poisoning
  - General Negligence

How Our Insurance Claim Mediation Services Can Benefit You:

  - From the very beginning of an insurance claim, to a settlement negotiation which has gone bad, we can begin our   

  - We conduct a full review of all information and documentation pertaining to the  claim.

  - All parties can gain insight from a truly neutral expert, the mediator, who has worked within the insurance industry as 
     a claim investigator, claims adjuster, and in claims management, a characteristic not shared by all attorneys or judges.

  - Claims assigned to mediation remain focused on the resolution process, which is often times achieved much    
     quicker than through the use of normal insurance adjusting methods.  

Civil Case Mediation Services:

  - Employment / Workplace Disputes 
  - Construction Disputes
  - Breach of Contract
  - Landlord and Tenant Disagreement(s)
  - Debt Repayment
  - Neighborhood & Community Disputes
  - Counties, Organizations, & Governmental Disputes

How Our Civil Case Mediation Services Can Benefit You:

  - Civil Cases focus on the rights and duties between at least two parties, and a dispute which arose out of a violation of 
     those rights or duties. 

  - Civil cases are often complex, costing both money and time to pursue, and to defend. 

  - Mediation is often the best way to resolve a civil conflict, and can save time and money for all involved. 

  - Our office encourages mediation at the earliest possible date, often even before the filing of a suit, to be sure to gain the 
     most benefit possible from early resolution. 

  - The Claim Firm will review all of the facts, documentation, and witness statements surrounding the dispute, so that a 
     full examination and discussion of the case can be presented during the mediation process.

  - Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable process, in a relaxed environment, so that you can have the platform 
     needed to present your case accordingly, all while working towards a successful resolution.